A man I will never forget

I am extremely thankful To have had your dad in my life, however brief it was.  I too enjoyed his stories and sharing his everyday frustrations, memories, and blessings.  I am glad to have a copy of his autobiography and I found your dad to be extremely interesting, shy, and intelligent.  Never one to beat around the bush, he said what was on his mind so you never had to wonder!  I only wish I had visited more often.  It has also been my pleasure to meet each of you and share storied of your dad.  He truely touched my life in such a positive way, even tried to make a scotch lover out of me!  Somehow I suspected he knew I did not share his love of the drink as much as he.  Thank you to each of you for including me in his birthday parties, hospital stays, and other aspects of his journey.  I will truely miss him but will always be left with fond memories.

Elizabeth George

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