Bev King Remembers Andy


Having experienced 36 years of friendship with Andy I will have many memories
—Andy and I always knew each others’ ages as we were 17 years apart;
he graduated from high school the year I was born (both in Iowa). Our birthdays were in June so we could celebrate together.
—He always told Jack and me to “smell the roses” because life went by
too quickly. Each time we took a trip, he was happy for us.
—Choose younger friends he advised because as we grew older,
too many friends were either ill or had died.
—He always liked a “little sweet” after dinner so he appreciated gifts
of candy, cookies, and brownies. None of us could bake as well
as Fran, but he still liked what we brought. We tried to have some of
his favorite foods like pie whenever he would come for dinner.
—He loved politics and always voted. Even when he became blind,
he wanted an absentee ballot. This I did for him each year and I
always made sure his primary ballot was Republican. I never
voted for him, just made sure the ballot arrived.
—Talking politics was a favorite past time of his even though we were
often on opposite sides of the argument. He would begin some conversations with “Now Beverly”. His party in the past few years really disappointed him.
—When I taught 8th grade Earth Science, he gave me a crash course in
chemistry. He knew so much and could give practical applications of
the subject.
—Before dinner there was cocktail time. That called for real
hors d’oeurves like Franny made, not peanuts. Fran gave me several recipes which I tried to replicate. Even at Morningside he had his scotch before dinner and depending on the menu would take red wine in his coffee mug on his walker to dinner.
—When he could still read, he devoured the Wall Street Journal and
would cut out articles for us to discuss. When he lost his sight, he
listened to books on tape and we would discuss them.
—Ideas delighted his mind and he loved to talk about them. His mind
was sharp to the end. I hope I can be that way.
—Andy and Fran were good friends of ours. We were fortunate to have
known them and their family.

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